CRM & ERP Implementations

Our team often gets involved in troubeshooting existing implementations turning the tide in a bad user acceptence experience to smiles from your wroking staff.

We are pride of this fact! But before choosing an implementation partner, make sure your scope, expectations are clear before you begin.

So, no matter how brilliant something is designed, it simply will fail or miss full potential if operated inaccurately or by a poor implementation, in the end if your staff is not using it well or get demotivated, your goals will remain unreached or worse, it can have a negative impact on your business. Take Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a prime example. We know how wonderful the software is, but your success – or failure – with this excellent system simply comes down to proper CRM implementation & training and in the end, proper usage of CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation (or any other CRM...) know 3 key areas:

Scope is key!

We cannot express this enough, do not rush, take your time and discover what you truly need before you even begin an implementation.

Together we will provide and go through an extensive checklist to review your company’s back office processes so you can determine what your CRM system truly needs. This will identify the loopholes in your system prior to implementation so we can address them accordingly. By analyzing needs, you can get a thorough impression on where the focus on the CRM implementation should be.

Solid Training

A solid CRM implementation is more then just a one-step process. Involvement of your staff is vital as they need to be kept informes before, during, and after implementation to ensure there is a complete understanding of their new CRM capabilities. This will require training with continued education on a regular basis.

Your team must be trained well. They also must be excited & motivated about your new CRM system and willing to learn. UseeY during our sessions will explain to your staff how this new system will benefit them as a team and individually contributing to grow thier motivation and excitement.

Take your time

Unfortunately it is common for companies to get ahead of themselves and rush the implementation process. It is very important that you prevent making mistakes now! Rushing the implementing or pushing going live may pose a variety of problems.

CRM is an important investment, and should be treated as such. Take your time with the technical work and make sure your staff does the same.

It will be worth it when Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fully functioning and your staff is properly educated & Motivated.

Enduring a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation alone is no easy task. Finding a partner to help guide and train your team is another essential factor to success. Contact UseeY as you Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner for more information.