Compliance SAAS solution & Corporate Website

Compliance management solution & corporate Website.

The owners of Conformatix are valued consultants in the ISO and auditor arena.

Compliance Solutions

UseeY build a solution that only existed in our heads. They helped us shape the ideas into requirements both functional as technical. Then they created the mockups on how the solution would look and work and added input of their own as well. The outcome is a state of the art solution. We are very happy with the result so far. We are confident they will remain a partner for many years to come.

Ton Groenendijk, Partner Conformatix

UseeY it is vital to listen well. We had scheduled our own ISO 27001 certification and knew it would require a solution. The Conformatix project came along and this gave the client as well as ourselves a great opportunity to think alongside eachother, a tru win-win situation.

What a great project this turned out to be! Conformatix is very knowledgable in certifications and compliancy and the processes surrounding them. They came to us with one simple question: Can you make us a SAAS solution for ISO? The goal was to help their clients to have a real time planning, online manual, online audit records and easy to register issues. So we did what we do best, make the client smile.

Little did they know what they would get into, and happily for them, we took them by the hand and guided them through all the loopholes towards their new platform. Scope of work:

  • Technical & Functional Design - Erm.... all?  Yes, all of it
  • Molding their idea into a SAAS Solution, you name it the whole nine yards.
  • Custom code - since it did not exits, we had to build it, yes from scratch!.
  • Migrate - dig up some old content and move it to the new site
  • Hosting - Since their old site was like a 14k4 old modem, we needed moved them to new hosting
  • Stress testing
  • Website - Set up a new international site.
  • E-commerce - Set up an international shop, embeded in the website.
  • SSL - Oh, do we need to be secure for a shop, what does that mean? Right, we did the certifications in their name and implemented it


250k. Set in stone. We signed, build tested, delivered! Another happy client and we smiled, together :-)

PS. For the record, yes, we use the system our selves as well!...

About UseeY

We are involved in creating software, business logic, system integrations & e-Commerce since the early days. We understand as no other the special requirements each customer may need. For e-Commerce this is even more so and as such we have our own designed and optimized hosting solutions. Contact us here for any request.