Website & Webshop

Corporate Website with Webshop.

The owners of The London tanners wanted to replace their old wordpress site and blog while introducing an online shop experience.

Website & webshop

Useey Asked us to write something here how we think they did. Well, that is easy. They build our Website & e-Commerce site and helped us even with the setup of all products & content. If you are in need for a partner capable of helping you out, are ahead of the curve, live up to their promises & meet deadlines, please look no further, they are worth every penny I spend and some more!

René Schoenmakers, Owner TLT

UseeY Some projects can throw you off guard by the industry they are in. Little did we know, heard or seen of it so we laughed about it and learned a lot :-).

What a great client this turned out to be! They excel in handcrafted leather items but were not quite up to speed with the modern world of the internet and e commerce. They came to us with one simple question: Can you make us a new Wordpress website, the one we have is old, slow and looks bad. So we did what we do best, make the client smile.

Little did they know what they would get into, and happily for them, we took them by the hand and guided them through all the loopholes towards their new site. Scope of work: (Initial, make a new blog site, below what followed)

  • (re)Design - Erm.... all?  Yes, all of it
  • E-commerce - Set up a international shop.
  • All content - And we mean all content, all products, texts, blogs you name it the whole nine yards.
  • Custom code - some wishes needed to be made to fulfill their ever growing list when they learned along with the project.
  • Migrate - dig up some old content and move it to the new site
  • Hosting - Since their old site was like a 14k4 old modem, we needed moved them to new hosting
  • Transfer domain - expire date? what was that oh, we were just in time to transfer AND renew the domain ;-)
  • SSL - Oh, do we need to be secure for a shop, what does that mean? Right, we did the certifications in their name and implemented it
  • SEO - no not CEO, so we explained and did tweak here and there to get them some nice rankings
  • BLOG - Implement the blog into their own domain instead of outside the site


Ok we admit, the initial scope budget that we quoted was blown as the scope rapidly changed during the initial development phase, it was not doubled but tripled, and we still gave away quite some hours cause the client was just too much fun to work with, boy did they - and we - smile at the end.

PS. For the record, no, we did not try any items at home...

About UseeY

We are involved in business logic, system integrations & e-Commerce since the early days. We understand as no other the special requirements each customer may need. For e-Commerce this is even more so and as such we have our own designed and optimized hosting solutions. Contact us here for any request.