Intercompany Platform

Integrated Communication platform
linked to CRM, Sharepoint & Products.

The membership of IGC Global Promotions had a simple wish, redo our outdated KISS system.

Custom Client Portal

"We asked UseeY to come up with a solution to design & build a platform for all our members to share, find & discuss products within our network of 50+ partners all over the world.

UseeY delivered a platform that stands out and brings competitive edge.

With this platform we & all our members can easily find, discuss & share vital information in our company & industry as well that it integrates our systems PIM, Backoffice, CRM & documents. It offers way more then we anticipated and has a global reporting on the fly. UseeY delivered on time and within scope, would recommend UseeY without a blink.

Hans Poulis - CEO IGC Global Promotions NV

UseeY was asked to come up with a detailed plan to not only design and produce this new KISS but also make sure it would be state of the art technology ready to be used for many years.

Disucussions with the KMC (Knowledge Management Comittee) resulted in a very large scope of which the following can be highlighted:

  • Adding & maintaining product information
  • Connect the central backoffice
  • Link Microsoft SharePoint
  • Link Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Flexible Online Communication platform
  • Powerfull Search engine LinkedIn Style
  • Member- ,Supplier- , Client- and Staff data
  • Event Planner
  • Financial Reporting capabilities
  • Case Studies
  • Member, Staff, Supplier & Client based access rights
  • Mobile app & Responsive app enabled

Solving time & integration challenges

UseeY was asked to build the required custom system within a very limited timeframe, 6 months. We always love a challenge, but this time we even had some 2nd thoughts! Nevertheless we did take the challenge and the first release was launched just before the 6 months term passed! The vas amount of tasks as well as the integration with several systems played a major role in how the system acrhitect was designed and coded.

We came up with a solution that was robust enough yet intuitive and super fast. The custom software development needed to have data synchroinized with SharePoint as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM on 3 different levels.

Also their internal structure required us to have multiple levels of security in place for the message boards as well as resource access. Too much tio go into detail here, but more then happy to explain in depth in a personal discussion if you are interested to learn more.

About UseeY

We are involved in business logic, system integrations & e-Commerce since the early days. We understand as no other the special requirements each customer may need. For e-Commerce this is even more so and as such we have our own designed and optimized hosting solutions. Contact us here for any request.