DPS Webshop

"System Integration, e-Commerce & custom development

We've worked with UseeY on several projects over the past few years - they were a pleasure to deal with. Our clients had specific requests for modern e-Commerce sites with inventory capabilities and that were easy to manage internally. UseeY had the answers - they are easy to deal with - have an understanding of not just the IT, but the business requirements in preparing projects of this nature. We look forward to working with UseeY again in the future."

Michelle Johnson - CEO ASA Marketing

The DPS Project came to use through A.S.A. Marketing. The request of their client wishing to have an internal ecommerce site for their staff to purchase promotional products, led to the design and realisation of their desired platform.

We are proud to have addressed the wishes DPS had on design and functional level. But it was not just the client that had some wishes, it was also A.S.A. Marketing that had some specific needs. They required a system integration with their backoffice so their promotional product orders are processed automatically

So next to Speed, responsiveness, usability and intuitivity we integrated the Magento platform with their system through a customized XML feed. Each order is send to their system where it is processed resulting in a highly effective order handling system.

About UseeY: we are involved in business logic, system integrations & e-Commerce since the early days. We understand as no other the special requirements each customer may need. For e-Commerce this is even more so and as such we have our own designed and optimized hosting solutions. Contact us here for any request.